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What is forging?

Forging is the process of re-shaping different types of metal using both heat and force. Open die forging is one process of forging. The metal is pre-heated and then further pressed into a tool allowing the metal to take the wanted shape from the tools being used to forge the metal. There are many different types of forging including:

  • Mining forgings
  • Rail forgings
  • Nuclear forging
  • Aerospace forgings

If you would like more information on the different types of forgings, continue reading below.

Mining forgings

Mining forgings are designed and created solely to perform subsurface right through to those which will be used in the deep sea. Many parts and components can be created through mined forgings including parts for rope shovels, hydraulic cylinders, shafts and many others.

Rail forgings

Forgings can be created for companies within the rail industry for both live trains and also museum exhibits. Many parts can be produced for rail forgings such as pinions, roller rails, axels and others.

Nuclear forgings

Nuclear forgings can be made for both civil and military applications. For the nuclear sector/ industry parts such as pumps, gears and tubes can be forged.

Aerospace forgings

Forgings of the most intricate components can be created for the aerospace sector. Aerospace forgings can include but are not limited to parts such as valves, injector plates, swash plates and propeller hubs.